Holiday Craft Fairs

Oh man!  It's that time of the season... the Craft Fair season... Where days are spent at my full time job, nights are spent doodling & painting, and weekends are spent setting up booths, meeting people, and selling stuff!  (Somewhere in there my kids are getting fed and bathed- thanks to my husband and my mom!)


My first Craft Fair of the season was at Helmi's Garden Center in Columbia, Mo. It's an amazing greenhouse / gift shop with beautiful light and a giantly fat cat named Lynx who roams around looking for scratches and food. (He may have hung out in my lap for a bit...) 



I've been shopping at Helmi's for over a year now and I love it so I was very excited to be apart of their first craft fair. I was able to make more paintings when it was slow and got to chat up customers as well as some of my maker friends who were also there. One little girl took home a unicorn painting and exclaimed to her parents: this is my best day ever!  (Clearly, it's because unicorns are so magical!)

The light at Helmi's is so beautiful and makes me want to return with my sketchbook to do some drawings. 

My view from the booth in the afternoon sun. 

My view from the booth in the afternoon sun. 

I brought cards...


And doodle paintings...


I'm looking forward to the next craft fair!  

December 6th | 8am-1pm  

Presbyterian Church on Hitt Street, Columbia


December 13th | 10am-4pm

Dogwood Studios | behind DSport

Anything left will go to Yellow Dog Bookshop (8 S. 9th Street in Columbia, Mo) . 

Hope to see you around town!