I started making these little doodle designs after having my second child in 2011.  I'm an artist with limited time (hanging out in the darkroom isn't always an option at the moment) and making these fun paintings and cards is a great way to keep being creative.  Monkey Madness describes my life pretty well… I have three jobs, two kids, a husband / business partner, a dog, a bunch of stuffed monkeys… oh yeah, and we all live with my mom in the middle of Missouri.  

 These paintings and cards are very much influenced by my two kiddos.  Sally and Atticus definitely help me come up with design ideas and certainly let me know which ones work and which ones don't.  Gotta love the honesty inherent within children… the sweet little dears. 

All products are handmade - doodled, screenprinted, watercolored, painted, glittered, etc.

A little more about Kelsey

Kelsey Hammond is a photographer living in Columbia, Missouri.  She has her graduate degree in Fine Art Photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. and her undergraduate degree in Art History from the University of California – Los Angeles.  Kelsey has a full-time job and co-owns the Yellow Dog Bookshop with her husband, Joe Chevalier.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Wilkey